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Dalembert About To Be Traded

Samuel Dalembert, the Sixers leading rebounder and shotblocker for a long, long time, is about to be traded to the Kings for a package built around Andres Nocioni and Spencer Hawes. Thoughts after the jump.

I first heard the rumor driving in my car and just got home, so I'm trying to piece together the details (and the logic). Financially, the Sixers will save somewhere around $3.2M this season, but they've added Nocioni's $6.65M salary for 2011-2012 to their books, so you can forget about any kind of cap space next summer. They'll also have to make a quick decision on Hawes, who will be a restricted free agent with a $4.5M qualifying offer.

On the court, I think this trade signals a culture change. If a future #1 pick, or even this year's #1 pick isn't coming to Philly from Sacto, they've sold low on Dalembert. Nocioni is a decent guy off the bench, I guess. I'm sure people will talk about his toughness, and he can shoot the three a bit, but the Sixers gave up their only defensive presence on the inside and their only legitimate rebounding big. Where there was no hole, there is now a gaping one.

Hawes doesn't impress me in the least. He's a center who likes to play small and play on the outside.

Maybe I'm jumping to too many conclusions here, but looking at the roster before and after the trade, Derrick Favors makes a whole lot more sense right now than he did before this rumor broke.

Well, this certainly threw a monkey wrench into my vacation. I'm sure I'll have more thoughts later, but for now, I'm scratching my head and hoping there's more to this deal than what I've heard so far.
by Brian on Jun 17 2010