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Dalembert Trade Rumors

Thumbnail image for Sam Dalembert (Photo by Ray Amati/NBAE via Getty Images)
Sammy Dalembert's name came up twice this morning during my daily rumor sweep. Both are probably nothing more than speculation, but I figured I'd pass on the word. Maybe Sammy's name appearing in rumors is a sign that Stefanski is actively shopping him.

  • HoopsHype wonders if a Sammy for Tyson Chandler deal wouldn't make sense for both teams. It's pure speculation and would basically come down to whether New Orleans thinks Sammy can offer more to their team. The contracts run the same length for basically the same value.
  • The Daily Herald connects the dots between Sammy and the Bulls, again, nothing more than speculation.

My feelings on moving Sammy vary greatly from those on moving Andre Miller. Sammy's contract is going to limit this team's flexibility until the 2011 summer. While I do believe his interior defense is a big reason for the team's success, much more than most people give him credit for, if a deal comes along that frees up that money, or addresses the need for a shooter, you pull the trigger. Eventually, Sammy will be coming off the bench for this team and a $12M man coming off the bench isn't something you can afford.
by Brian on Feb 12 2009
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