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Dear Mr. Riley,

Rumor has it you consider the acquisition of Acie Law to be the solution to your point guard woes and you've now turned your attention to PF Jordan Hill with the number 7 pick in tonight's draft. I'd greatly appreciate it if you'd take a look after the jump for an alternative strategy.

Jordan Hill had a fine Junior year at Arizona, and by no means am I disparaging the guy, but let's be honest here. It's extremely unlikely that Hill will be as good as Speights. So why not take the risk out of this lottery pick in a weak draft and give the Sixers a call.

Had Marreese returned to Florida for his Junior season he'd probably in the discussion for one of the top five slots in this draft. Not to mention the production he's already displayed in the NBA. So here's what I propose, pick up the phone and call Ed Stefanski. He's a friendly guy and certainly he's open-minded about his roster.

Now don't get greedy. Don't try to unload one of your less-than desirable contracts. Keep it simple. Say something like, "Hey Ed, we really like that Speights kid, do you think maybe we could work something out?"

Now, I'm even going to save you the trouble of involving your capologist. You can't simply trade the #7 pick for Speights, you're going to have to send salary to Philly to get the deal done. Here's the deal you should propose:

You send Marco Belinelli and the #7 pick to Philly for Marreese Speights and the #17 pick.

You'll be getting a better PF with NBA experience who can step in right away, then you can use the #17 pick to take a backup point like Ty Lawson, maybe you even grab a center with upside like B.J. Mullens. In the process, you save $860K this season, $1.7M next season and $1.8M the following year.

As with most things in life, Larry, timing is everything with this phone call. If the first six picks have gone by and the commissioner has yet to say the name Stephen Curry, that's when you want to pick up the phone.

Just a friendly draft-day note from a concerned blogger.


The Depressed Fan

P.S. I won't tell Nellie this was my idea if you won't.
by Brian on Jun 25 2009
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