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Dear Sam Hinkie,

I get it, I really do. You traded your best asset for essentially the #1 pick in this year's draft and a probable lottery pick in next year's draft. You've made the team bad...Bobcats bad. They're going to be bad for (at least) a year when it could pay huge dividends to be bad. Get worse to get better...the middle is the worst...accumulate assets. It all makes sense, I just have a favor to ask.

This makes two consecutive summers in which the team traded its best player. I realize it's a business, and having a favorite player probably shows my age and lack of sophistication, but from Barkley to Iverson to Iguodala and now Holiday, this team just loves to rip this fan's heart out and stomp on it time and time again.

So here's my humble request. You're going to put us through a lot over the next couple of years. This team is going to be impossible to watch. The stands will be empty, the national media will use them as a punchline if they talk about them at all. Here's my request. Build something that's going to last. Get a couple of players in here who can be the face of the franchise, and let them be that face for a long time. I'll suffer through a 20-win season next year, and really as many as it takes until you find the right guy, just don't make me pass this curse onto my son.

You're a smart guy. Since you took the job, you've been planning this bloodletting without a hint it was coming. Tonight was your chance to show off your big brain, and it worked. You're going to be fighting off the groupies at Sloan with a stick next year. We're all impressed. You pulled the band-aid off, we're prepared to bleed for a while. Don't make it all for naught. Don't buy into your own hype and make Philly into a revolving door, a sandbox for you to test your theories. You cleared the slate. Start from zero and build something. Build something I can share with my kids and when they've invested way too much in their favorite players, maybe think twice before you ship them out of town.



Best of luck to Jrue. Give Turner 25 shots/game. Welcome to Philly Nerlens, MCW, Wolters and __________ (fill in name of pick #53).
by Brian on Jun 27 2013
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