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Decision Day

Well, it all comes down to the next 14 hours or so. The Sixers have basically fallen out of the rumors over the past couple of days since Ed Stefanski said the team was acting as a buyer rather than a seller, but you never know what could transpire as teams become desperate and the deadline looms. Let's use this post to keep track of the goings on, and after the jump I'll update a few charts.
First, things first. I don't think the Sixers will make any kind of significant move tomorrow. Not after Stefanski's recent comments. Maybe he was just playing hard ball and using the press to leverage more out of another team, but I doubt it. I don't think he has fire sale on his mind at this point. For better or worse, I think this is basically the team we'll be heading into the summer with. Honestly, I think there's a better chance someone is fired in the next couple of days than a major trade is pulled off.

Sorry to rain on your parade if you were hoping the franchise's future would be altered, keep in mind that I'm usually wrong and I have a tendency to jinx the Sixers, so maybe this is good news.

I thought I could avoid it, but I can't. Tuesday's Heat game was an utter embarrassment on every possible level for every member of the Sixers organization. The players who stopped trying, the coach who is just a pompous imbecile, the general manager who refuses to fire him and the owner who sees all of this happening and sits idly by. The last time I saw this poor of an effort from the Sixers was Iverson's last game as a Sixer before he was traded to Denver. It was pitiful in every imaginable way. Here's the overdue rotation chart from that game:


I also finally got around to putting the rotation chart from the Nets game together. If you recall, this was the game in which Eddie Jordan played his starting point guard a grand total of 9 minutes and came pretty close to losing to the worst team in the past 36 years, at least.


And finally I've updated the advanced stats worksheet, you can see the past 30 games worth of data below:


If you're interested in looking at the actual spreadsheets, including sortable rotation data, download them using these links:

Alright, use the comments section to post links/crazy trade ideas/questions/thoughts on deals and rumors, you name it. I'm expecting nothing, but preparing for the worst.
by Brian on Feb 18 2010
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