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If you didn't know that Eddie Jordan was both a liar and a complete moron, his post-game comments may lead you to believe poor offensive execution was the reason the Sixers were embarrassed, yet again, in Atlanta tonight. Luckily, I think even the most dimwitted fans can see through Jordan's act by now.

If I have time tomorrow, I'll delve into Jordan's comments a bit further, but for now I'll just give you the gist. Essentially, Jordan blamed the loss on two things (1) turnovers on offense, (2) Atlanta "just making shots." The notion being, if the Sixers had only executed a little better, they could've out-scored Atlanta. This simply isn't the case. Atlanta did whatever they wanted on the offensive end. They basically took turns getting easy looks and the Sixers defense rarely even put up a fight. I don't care how good your offense is (and ours completely sucks), a defensive effort like we saw tonight is going to lead to a loss. Period, end of story. Jordan didn't even mention the word in the presser I saw.

Here's your rotation chart, with a twist. I've color coded the chart with my emotions as the game transpired:


A few bullets to tide you over 'til the morning:

  • Lou Williams had a career night on the offensive end, scoring 30 points on only 15 shots. In the fourth quarter, with the Sixers down by 20 points, Lou was smiling and laughing on the court, having the time of his life. I love to see stuff like that, absolutely love it. "Hey, I'm having a good game. Look at my stats!"
  • Jrue Holiday played 19 minutes tonight. This game was a loss by the half, and a laugher mid-way through the third quarter, yet Jordan couldn't see fit to get his starting point guard more than 19 minutes.
  • Willie Green, on the other hand, played 32 minutes..
  • Iguodala and Thad combined to shoot 9/23 from the floor (39%), they grabbed 8 rebounds, handed out 9 assists and turned the ball over 12 times in a combined 73 minutes. They made one trip to the free throw line between them and scored 20 points total on those 23 shots. Stellar.
  • We didn't see one second of Dalembert at the 5, Speights at the 4.

I don't know how many different ways I can say Eddie Jordan is a bad coach. This goes beyond that. This man is dangerous. The effort we've seen out of this team has been pitiful, and at this point in the season, with the playoffs clearly out of reach, you can almost see the players saying to themselves, "What am I playing for?" The answer to that question should probably be pride, but really what it boils to is this: They are playing for Eddie Jordan's job right now. Plain as day, winning games will accomplish one thing, take some of the heat off Eddie Jordan.

The players should absolutely be giving more effort than they are. Even Iguodala hasn't been himself, especially on the defensive end. You can see it from every guy who steps on the floor. They're slower to loose balls, they aren't giving their bodies up. They're doing the bare minimum on the defensive end, and for the most part, they're lazy and selfish on the offensive end. It sickens me.

If you're of the mind that this is a flaw in the players themselves, and none of it falls on Jordan, let me ask you this. If it was you, if you were the one out on the floor and the only prize for diving for loose balls and buckling down on the defensive end was possibly another year of Eddie Jordan as you head coach, would you be giving it your all? Honestly, would you be sacrificing your body for a coach who takes every opportunity to throw you under the bus and never, ever takes any of the blame?

Take it a step further. Think about what doing all the right things gets you on this team. There's a simple answer, it gets you benched. The only thing that gets you more minutes is putting up a ton of shots and scoring a ton of points. That's the culture Eddie Jordan has brought to the Philadelphia 76ers. Defense simply does not matter, not when Willie Green is hitting 20 footers. Not when Lou Williams is scoring 30 points (and giving up 35 on the other end). So why not take it easy on the defensive end? Why not refuse to make that extra pass? Why not play like a loser? That's the only way to "earn" extra minutes under Eddie Jordan.

Everything about what this team has become makes me sick to my stomach.

Player of The Game: Lou Williams, great job Lou.30 points, and -24 in your time on the floor. Don't pull a muscle patting yourself on the back.
Team Record: 22-38.
Up Next: vs. Boston on Friday.

By the way, our 2010 2nd round draft pick is apparently worth a guy who can't get a second of burn in back-to-back blowout losses. Awesome.
by Brian on Mar 4 2010