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This idea has been percolating for a while, and an e-mail frequent reader/commenter Dean sent me earlier tonight was the impetus to finally move on it. It's about time we got a crew together for a Sixers game. I'm looking at the Clippers game on Saturday, December 19th since it will be easier for more people to make it on a weekend (and there are only 2 weekend games all season). Details and options after the jump.

It looks like there are a couple of options. We could go for a balcony suite, which sits 18 and we may be able to get a deal on it. Or, we could go with a group ticket buy which would put our minimum at 20 people, but we'd probably be able to sit in the 100 level. Pretty nice seats. I'm inclined to go with the group buy, simply because balcony suites are up above the 200 level.

The Sixers are offering pretty good deals for group buys, and I'll further subsidize the tickets with the meager ad revenue from Depressed Fan, so we're probably going to be talking somewhere between $20 and $25 for a floor-level seat to the game, if we can get a group together of 20 or more.

If you're interested, leave a comment here. Also, let me know how serious you are. We've met up at games in the past and I think it would be great to get a bunch of us at The Wach together, taking over a 100-level section. Plus, they'll put our group name up on the scoreboard, which would rock.

Check your calendars (and your wallets) and let me know ASAP if you're in. If there's enough interest, I'll get the tickets this week and we'll get to work on t-shirts or something to commemorate the occasion.
by Brian on Oct 26 2009
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