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DF At The Wach

A quick public service announcement. Dean H (officially known as Commenter Of The Season from here on out), scored 4 tickets to Tuesday's game against the Hawks. He's been kind enough to invite myself and my brother and now we're going to open it up to you guys to fill the final seat.

If you're able to meet us before the game outside the Wach and you're a Sixers' fan, you're qualified. Shoot me an e-mail at brian@blogsbyfans.com ASAP if you're interested. If you'll be at the game independently, we should all try to meet up at some point. Details to come.

In actual Sixers news, Sammy missed practice yesterdy with the flu. My money is on him making the start tonight, but his minutes may need to be limited. Hopefully Theo andSpeights get the extra time at the five and not Reggie.
by Brian on Mar 27 2009
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