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Dirk Is Coming

Mr. Nowitzki and the Dallas Mavs will take on the Sixers at the Wach in a few short hours. My extremely quick preview and hopefully a very long game thread after the jump.

Time is of the essence, so just a few bullets to get you pumped for the game. I will be here throughout in the game thread, so join me if you're still watching these games.

  • It would be pretty funny if this is the game that Eddie Jordan and Ed Stefanski have pegged for Elton Brand's return to the starting lineup. Dirk represents probably the worst defensive matchup possible for Brand.
  • Speaking of defending Dirk, I read earlier that Sammy would get the call, and while that isn't a terrible decision, the guy I'd like to see on him is Iguodala. He's done a really good job on Dirk in the past, and I think a smaller, quicker player who can crowd Dirk on the perimeter is the best bet.
  • Jason Kidd represents a really tough matchup for Jrue, and I'm interested to see how he handles it, if he gets minutes. Kidd isn't really a penetrating threat, but he will kill you from three at this stage of his career. Jrue can't lag off him too much, and he's going to have to work really hard to fight over screens.
  • Jason Terry is one of the few guards who won't have a dramatic size advantage over our starting back court, though I do fully expect him to break free for multiple threes.

That's all I have off the top of my head.

Key to The Game: Frustrating Dirk by giving him multiple looks on the defensive end.
If __________ the Sixers will win: They're holding at least an 8-point lead in the final minute of play. Otherwise, they'll find a way to lose it.

This is your game thread. I've had a killer week, so join me in blowing off some steam while we watch this steaming pile of...well, you know.
by Brian on Jan 22 2010
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