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Disappearing Act

Well, it took a little over a week this time, but sure enough, it happened again. Donyell Marshall somehow found his way onto the court in a key situation, he energized the team, spread the floor, then three games later, his minutes disappeared. Now, as then, my question is why?

  • vs. Miami: 10 minutes, 10 points, +15
  • @ LAL: 10 minutes, 9 points, +12
  • @ PHO: 20 minutes, 12 points, +12
  • @ GSW: 6 minutes, 0 points, -6
  • @ SAC: DNP CD
  • @ POR: DNP CD
I'll never understand it. They did the same thing earlier in the season when Marshall basically won the game at Detroit, then quietly was buried at the end of the bench. This guy has a role on the team and he plays it well when given the opportunity.
by Brian on Mar 24 2009
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