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Usually I can fool myself into thinking the Sixers have a chance to come back well into the fourth quarter, even when they're getting blown out. Tonight was the rare occasion where the game was decided at half time. The only thing left to be determined was how much damage Rodney Carney would do in garbage time.

The Lakers trounced the Sixers 124-93 and looked unstoppable doing it. Kobe barely had any impact on the game at all and the Lakers put 7 players in double figures. I don't know what lessons the team as a whole can learn from a game like this. One positive sign is that the Sixer starters looked legitimately pissed off sitting on the bench at the end of the game. There was none of the "Oh well, may as well laugh and have fun," attitudes you see on certain benches during a trouncing. They looked embarrassed, as they should have.

Thad Young saw extended action, as you'd expect, and filled up the stat sheet. He finished with a career-high 16 points on 8/12 from the floor, pulled down 9 rebounds (6 offensive) and notched a steal and a block as well. Mo needs to find a way to get Thad more involved in the offense when his minutes actually matter. He's got a nice jumper with good range and some slippery moves around the hoop that he finishes with his left.

The Sixers have turned in 5 horrible quarters in 5 games on their current trip. Their game at Denver on Sunday will define the trip as a whole. A win and they over-achieved. A loss and they did pretty much what should've been expected.

Player of The Game: Thad Young
Team Record: 14-19
by Brian on Jan 5 2008
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