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Do I Want Larry Brown Back?

There's a rumor on Yahoo! this morning about Michael Jordan's failing attempt to buy the Charlotte Bobcats and how Larry Brown may leverage the situation to extricate himself from CHA and jump ship to the Sixers. My take on the situation after the jump.

The short answer is yes, I'd love it if Larry Brown came back to the Sixers.

Whether that has more to do with Larry Brown or Eddie Jordan is unclear to me at this point. I do believe this roster, as currently constructed, could make some serious noise in the playoffs next season with Brown as the coach. I do believe he could get the most possible out of Andre Iguodala who would love to coach him. I think he'd drool over the prospect of having Holiday on the ball, Iguodala on the wing and Dalembert under the hoop. There's no doubt in my mind that we'd be a top-ten defense next season with Brown as our coach.

Brown as our GM, though? That I'm not sold on. Essentially, bringing LB in and letting him call all the shots will probably mean (a) Speights is gone. (b) Thad might be gone. (c) Lou is gone. I'm not sure I'd shed a ton of tears over those guys, and I think there's at least a decent chance that Brown could mold Thad into a solid defender. The problem is, Brown seems to love bad contracts. He'd most likely make some highly questionable trades, bringing back his type of players (defensive bigs, guys who can handle the ball) on bad contracts. In short, LB the GM makes moves for LB the coach, with nothing but the short term in mind. And his draft record is, well, horrible.

If you bring Larry Brown back here to coach the Sixers and give him 100% control over personnel you're essentially agreeing to 2-3 years of high quality basketball being played, then a mess of a payroll situation when he inevitably leaves. So the question becomes, is it worth it?

In my mind, the alternative is to move forward with Stefanski/Jordan, so given a choice between the two, I'm going with Larry Brown and it's not even close.
by Brian on Feb 11 2010
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