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Does Doug Collins Excite You?

Tom Moore broke the news this afternoon that Ed Stefanski has contacted Doug Collins' agent about the Sixers' vacant coaching job. A quick opinion, helpful links and a flash poll after the jump.

Here's a quick link to Collins' coaching record. He's taken five teams to the playoffs, taking two of the five past the first round. He coached both Michael Jordan and Grant Hill on their way up. On an unrelated-to-coaching note, he was a member of the 1972 U.S. National Team that still refuses to accept their bogus silver medals, and the Sixers selected him #1 overall in the 1973 draft.

Vote in the poll below, I have some quick thoughts to follow:

I'd probably answer the poll above with the third option. Collins is a name, even though he's been out of coaching for some time, he's been around the game. He's pretty well respected. He doesn't say things that make me scratch my head when he's broadcasting games. He has a track record of success. If he's brought in to coach, and coach alone, I think he'd command respect in the locker room and demand execution from the guys on the team. Whether or not he would accept being only a coach is another matter, and not one we really need to worry about at this point. If he gets an interview, it's probably going to be either Stefanski or Larry Brown who conducts it, and he's not going to replace either of them as the GM. I feel like Collins could be a positive influence on this young roster, which is important, but I don't think he's necessarily a long-term solution. He seems to have worn out his welcome everywhere he's been.

I think the Sixers could do much worse, but they could also do better. Collins is kind of a safe pick, a guy who I believe would get the franchise headed in the right direction, maybe create some buzz, but not much. I think he'd be a steadying influence for some of the young guys, and he'd definitely help with their development. I have two main concerns if he's chosen as the head coach, (1) Is he ready, willing and able to commit to the long-term build? (2) If the Sixers pay his asking price, will they have the patience to allow the team to mature slowly, or will it be a win-at-all-costs type of situation?

Your thoughts in the comments, as usual.
by Brian on Apr 29 2010
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