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As sports fans go, I'm probably one of the more superstitious you'll meet. On Sunday, I caught maybe 3 minutes of the game, the Sixers had a 15-point lead at the time, then I missed the rest. Obviously, in my twisted mind, that's why they lost.

Well, I'm starting to think this horrid start has something to do with us, collectively. The Sixers haven't been able to get on track because we haven't done a live blog yet. It's time to change that. The only question is who do we pop our 2008-2009 live blogging cherry against?

Vote in the poll below, just as a heads up the Wednesday, Dec. 10th game is on ESPN, none of the other games are national, although I have a feeling there will be a link to watch online if you want to take part in the live blog but don't have the league pass. Voting closes tomorrow at 4 p.m.

by Brian on Dec 2 2008
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