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Don't Do It To Us

Tonight's game in Cleveland is more than a trap. This is one of those games, much like the Pistons loss, where if you lose, it's going to be the worst kind of ammunition for people who want to say the Sixers are terrible. "How do you get blown out by an 0-8 team on your home court? The Sixers suck!" I don't want to be reading, "How do you lose to the Cavs without Kyrie Irving?" tomorrow morning.

If you're wondering who that is pictured above, I believe it's Tristan Thompson. I'm not sure because it looks like he, Evan Turner and Kyle Lowry all worked out together this summer.

With Irving, the Cavs are a bad team. Without him, they're probably the worst team in the league. If Daniel Gibson is back (he's listed as questionable), they'll at least have an offensive threat at the point, but still no one to run the offense. Without Irving, the only threat the Cavs pose is in their front court, and I don't see how they're going to even get involved in the offense.

The game plan is pretty simple, pressure the ball and keep the Cavs off the offensive glass. Let Varejao take as many 18-footers as he wants, but don't let him get a bunch of points cleaning up the slop. Same with Tristan Thompson. Don't let Waiters go nuts from deep, and hopefully build up a decent lead early so Jrue doesn't have to play another 40+ minutes to secure the win.

Second night of a back-to-back against the rested Cavs. Jrue played 40 last night, Thad 39. No one else topped 35.

The tip is at 7. Use this as your game thread. I'm probably going to be working late, again. 8-4 sounds a lot better than 7-5.
by Brian on Nov 21 2012
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