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Doug Collins Confidence Meter

It's been a tumultuous first six months or so on the job for Doug Collins as the Sixers head coach. He's suffered through bouts of vertigo, a 3-13 start, way too many heartbreaking losses and more. Still, he's got the Sixers in playoff contention and closing in on a .500 record with a roster that doesn't appear to be talented enough to accomplish those meager goals. He must be doing something right.

If you've been reading this blog throughout the season (especially some of the game threads) you might get the notion that I disprove of the job Collins has done. That really isn't the case. I think he's worked a few minor miracles, and I'm really proud of the basketball he's squeezed out of this roster. The Sixers compete on a nightly basis, they've had one hiccup all season long, and he's actually got me believing this team is headed in the right direction. But this is a sports blog, following one team religiously, so every little move Collins makes, every comment, is going to be scrutinized. There are things I've disagreed with, both for the short and long term good of the team. Some of his in-game management has been questionable, but overall, I think he's done a fine job.

I think preparation is his particular area of strength. Given a day or two off, he comes up with excellent game plans and he's a great communicator. He lets the team know what he what they need to do, and gets results. He's also done an increasingly good job of making adjustments at the half. For so long, this team got absolutely murdered in the third quarter, but that's no longer the case. He's identifying what's working and what isn't, and making the needed changes. He's been winning the coaching chess games. All of this bodes well for a potential playoff berth.

Overall, I'm happy with the selection of Collins to coach this team, I just wish he had more to work with. But that's me. Today, I want to know what you guys think. What do you like about the job Collins has done? What don't you like? Do you think he's the right man for the job? Is he being too short-sighted for you? Anything and everything you have to say about the coach, let's hash it out in the comments. Don't forget to vote in the poss as well.

by Brian on Feb 1 2011
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