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Draft Day Is Upon Us

The rumors have swirled, a Haitian has been exiled, a mullet has been imported...so much has happened since the fateful night when the ping pong balls bounced the Sixers way. In 19 hours and change, we're finally going to meet the newest Sixer. After the jump, I'll tell you what you can look forward to throughout the day here at DF.

  • Early in the A.M. I'll state my case for Derrick Favors one last time.
  • Just to keep things fair and balanced, I'll then have a post extolling the virtues of Evan Turner in a Sixers uniform.
  • Midday we'll have our final poll to take the pulse of the fans (or at least the ones who read this blog and feel compelled to vote in a poll)
  • Finally, starting at 6:30 we'll have our NBA Draft Thread right here. I'll be here from the first pick to the last.
  • Throughout the day, I'll use the comments on the most-recent post (and Twitter) to keep track of all the swirling rumors and trades.

Hold on to your hats, Sixers fans. No matter what happens, this team will look drastically different when the calendar flips to the 25th. For better or worse, this is the one day of the year where things are guaranteed to change.
by Brian on Jun 24 2010
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