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UPDATE: Chad Ford has updated his mock and replaced DeAndre Jordan with Darrell Arthur as the Sixers pick. Good news, if true. He says it's based on "chatter."

A couple of trades of note to talk about with less than three hours to go until the draft begins.

  • Richard Jefferson to the Bucks for Yi and Bobby Simmons. This is all part of operation LeBron, I believe. This move may also lead to a Michael Redd trade. Joe Alexander has been everyone's pick for the Bucks at #8, I'm not sure if this changes that logic or not.
  • The Clippers and the Sonics have a handshake deal in place to swap spots in the first round, but only if O.J. Mayo is already off the board by the #4 pick. The Clippers are believed to covet Eric Gordon, the Sonics would trade down and take Brook Lopez or Bayless.
You have to think the acquisition of Yi by the Nets takes Kevin Love off their short list. Unfortunately, if the Clippers move up to take Gordon, I think the Grizzlies will take Love at #5, assuming they don't deal that pick.

Any last-minute draft thoughts Sixers fans? Don't forget to stop by Arin It Out for the live blog of the draft tonight, and check back here after any significant Sixers news.
by Brian on Jun 26 2008
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