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The more I read about him, the more video I watch, the more I think the best pro to come out of this draft might just be Kevin Love.

His college numbers were dominant, especially when you consider the talent level around him, and the drain that can put on your numbers. He has every skill you want in a big man and every negative mark you hear about him is overblown (lack of athleticism) or easily corrected (weight). I've seen his name all over the top 10 picks in mock drafts, and depending on how far he falls, it could be possible for the Sixers to move up and get him. That's number one on my wish list going into the draft.

I like Elton Brand, and I'd love to see the Sixers sign him, but I just don't think it's going to happen. With Love, the Sixers would field a starting five of Andre Miller, Andre Iguodala, Thaddeus Young, Love and Samuel Dalembert. Two lock-down defenders on the wings, each capable of scoring 20 a game, if need be. A veteran point guard who would finally have a big body to hit with passes deep in the paint where he can do damage. A shot-blocking center with a developing 15 footer. Most importantly, they'd be a team with a solid core and cap space. They could use that $11M to improve their biggest area of need. They could pocket the money and reassess next year. They could wait a year and realize that with Love they have the nucleus they need to compete for a title and they could use free agency to develop their bench. If the Sixers fill their largest need in the draft, the options are endless.

The Sixers have to take this offseason one step at a time. The first step is only a day away. Ed Stefanski and his crew need to go into the draft without a thought toward free agency. There's no telling where Brand, Josh Smith, Antawn Jamison et al are going to land. Go for broke in the draft, do what it takes and get Kevin Love, if at all possible.

Here's a video that illustrates Love's strengths. Watch how he uses his size to seal off defenders, the 3/4 court inbounds passes, and his touch from the outside. An inside-outside scorer who can pass, clean the boards and catch any pass anywhere near him.

I know I'm probably crazy to even be talking about it, but how much would Love be worth to you? What price would you pay to move up? Any package would start with the #16 pick, plus the Utah first-rounder from next season as well, I would think. Would you include Andre Miller if it meant taking back a longer contract? Reggie Evans? Sammy? Ideally, it would be Carney, Willie Green or maybe Jason Smith, but I don't know that those guys would be seen as assets to the teams the Sixers would have to work a deal with.

I think Love has to drop out of the top five before trading up for him is even remotely possible. The Knicks may be willing to deal, but it would mean taking back a horrendous Isiah contract or two. If he gets to number six, I think he slips further, I can't see Walsh adding another guy with weight issues to that team to play alongside Eddy Curry. If he slips past the Knicks, the Clippers would be an intriguing option. They could use a point and Andre Miller would probably love to go back to L.A. At eight, everyone has the Bucks sold on Joe Alexander, so maybe he would slip to 9. Larry Brown is drafting in the number nine slot. Would Brown deal with the Sixers? More importantly, would he draft Love or would he make one of his "I'm smarter than you" selections, a la Darko. I have a feeling Brown wouldn't let Love slip to #10. At ten, could Stefanski talk his old boss into dealing the pick?

What do you guys think? Any shot he slips far enough and Ed can work his magic to move up and get love or should we just get used to the idea that it's going to be DeAndre Jordan or Marreese Speights?
by Brian on Jun 25 2008
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