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Duhon, Summer League, Jet Lag and More

When I returned from my three-day hiatus from the Internet this morning, I waded through a boatload of e-mail about the Miller for Duhon rumor, caught up with Toronto's continued spending spree, Millsap's offer sheet and the Summer League. After the jump I'll try to battle through this jet lag and give some thoughts on all of the above.

Bullets are all I have the mental capacity to handle at this point.

  • 0--5 in Orlando, just a disgrace, and hopefully a lesson learned by the organization. The worst part of their plans for the Summer League this season was the fact that I was in Vegas over the weekend and could've caught a Sixers game if they hadn't punted the league.
  • Agent speak, turned to rumor, turned to denials between Friday and Sunday. Apparently, Chris Duhon's agent floated the idea of a Miller for Duhon sign-and-trade with the Knicks. My take is pretty simple, I'd be fine with bringing Duhon and his expiring deal in, but there's no way in hell the Knicks are going to sign Miller for more than one season. I just don't see it happening, which seems to be the consensus.
  • The Raptors apparently signed Jarret Jack to a 4 year/$20M offer sheet. To me, that seems like an awful lot of money to pay your backup PG. Maybe the plan is to start Calderon and Jack in the back court together. Is Toronto a legit team in the East this season? Could they leapfrog the Sixers with a lineup of Bargnani, Bosh, Hedo, Jack and Calderon? My gut says no. Still no rebounding and very little defense. We'll have to wait and see, though.
  • Speaking of head-scratchers, I'm having a hard time figuring out how Paul Millsap is anything more than a "we have all this cap space, so we have to spend it on someone" acquisition for the Blazers. They have reportedly signed him to a 4-year, $32M offer sheet. Millsap is a very, very good player, and I don't doubt that he'll add toughness to their frontcourt, but Portland had this cap space and a glaring need on the wing and at the point. Instead, they bolstered an area of strength (assuming Utah doesn't match). Maybe this means some time at the three or five for Aldridge, I'm not sure. Seems like a square peg to me.
Catch me up on anything else I missed in the comments. Happy Monday.
by Brian on Jul 13 2009
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