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Durant and Co. @ the Wach

I'm jealous of the Oklahoma City Thunder. Not because I think they're necessarily contenders. Not because they won the lottery even without suffering through a full-on tank season and not because they have Kevin Durant. I'm jealous of OKC because they have actually created an identity and their players are developing on an upward trend. Is that really too much to ask from a team?

I'll be at the game tonight, section 113 if you're there and want to say hi, so I'll give you my reasons for watching:

  1. Kevin Durant. The guy is simply a scoring machine and he's gone from being a gunner to being deadly efficient.
  2. Andre Iguodala trying to stop Kevin Durant from scoring. If Eddie Jordan has half a ball sack, he'll put Kapono on Sefolosha and Iguodala on Durant. If he doesn't, I may riot.
  3. Jrue vs. Westbrook. I don't really need to expand on that one. Jrue completely stoned Westbrook the last time these teams met. Turned him into a jump shooter who couldn't penetrate.

Honestly, that's more than enough for me. I'm looking forward to a hard-fought loss, hopefully (though I don't think I'll be able to root for that).

This is your game thread. Keep it civil in my absence. I'll check in when I get home and maybe during the game if I can.