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Dwight Howard Elbows Dalembert (Video)

I woke up this morning not knowing what to expect on the Dwight Howard suspension front. In the Daily Dime, John Hollinger thinks the league would gladly suspend the Polish Hammer in this situation, but probably won't suspend Howard. Henry Abbott wonders why Getty Images doesn't have a nice still shot of the elbow. JE Skeets thinks a suspension is coming. After the jump, we'll look at the video, and also the video of some other plays that drew suspensions from the league.

The play in question:

Zach Randolph: 2 games

Nene: 2 games

Kevin Garnett: 1 game

Ray Allen: 1 game

There are a couple others I couldn't find video of. Kobe was suspended 2 games for elbowing Mike Miller. Point being, Howard's elbow on Sammy was at least on the same level as the 1 game suspensions above, possibly even the 2 game suspensions. Still, we wait.