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  • Jose Calderon says he's staying in Toronto. Not much of a surprise there.
  • Gilbert Arenas got not one, but two max offers last night. One from Golden State, one from Washington.
  • The Atlanta Journal-Constitution thinks the Sixers are going full-steam ahead after Josh Smith, and they aren't happy about it. Smith will reportedly visit the Sixers this week, possibly as early as tomorrow morning.
  • The Knicks are interested in Chris Duhon.
  • Stephen A. Smith thinks Baron Davis wants to go to the Knicks, which would only be possible as part of a sign and trade. Seeing as how the Warriors are already trying to use the cap space created by Baron opting out, I find it unlikely that they'd sign Davis to a max deal, then trade him to the Knicks for Marbury's expiring contract. Smith also says he thinks the Clippers will resign Brand for 4 years, $60M. If this was anyone other than SAS it would have me worried. Check out the video here.
  • The Kings are prepared to offer their full MLE to keep Beno Udrih.
  • The Sixers signed undrafted free agent Callistus Eziukwu.
The first 12 hours of free agency have been eventful. It appears as though the Sixers are focused on Josh Smith, according to reports, but Elton Brand's name in the hat should garner a great deal of attention as well.
by Brian on Jul 1 2008
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