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Early Predictions: Andre Iguodala

The Sixers best player is today's subject in the Early Predictions series. Iguodala is without question the most talented player who will don the Sixers jersey this season, but he's not the most important. You'll have to wait a bit to hear about that guy. Today, it's all about @AI9.
I'm hoping the biggest benefit of bringing in Doug Collins to coach and Evan Turner to play shooting guard will be a new role for Andre Iguodala that actually makes sense. Iguodala shouldn't have to be the focal point of the offense this season, he shouldn't be asked to carry the scoring load. This is the role he's always been meant to play, and I believe it'll result in a great year for him. Here are my predictions:

  • Minutes: 2,952
  • Points/game: 16.5
  • Rebs/game: 6.5
  • Ast/game: 5.2
  • Steals/game: 1.9
  • Blocks/game: 0.7
  • TOV/game: 2.4
  • FG%: 48%
  • 3P%: 34%
Fewer shots, but more points. Fewer threes, at a higher percentage. Better defense, more work in the open floor, less jumpers in the half court. More rebounds, out of necessity, and also more of a leadership role now that he's being allowed to all into the niche he was made for.

I've got Iguodala's minutes dropping to 36/game, and pretty much a slight uptick across the board in terms of production, but probably a lower usage percentage. Collins wants Iguodala to be a defensive stopper on one end, and attacking the rim at the other. It'd be great if he could use the post game more this season, but I'm not sure that's been a priority for him, and I don't see him playing much time at the two, so he's not going to have a size advantage most of the time. I absolutely believe this will be Iguodala's best season, and the beginning of a great run for him as he enters his physical prime, unfortunately, this production probably isn't going to translate into the stats the average fan cares about.

Iguodala is doomed to be unappreciated by most in Philadelphia. The irony is if he's putting up 20 points-per-game, which would surely mollify the masses, he's not helping this team. He's not playing his role. Take fewer shots, do more with them, concentrate on the defensive end and making plays for others. That's the role Iguodala will hopefully be able to get back to playing this season. If he does, it will probably mean a lot of things have gone well for the team as a whole.

Your thoughts in the comments, as usual.