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Early Predictions: Lou Williams

A player who is questionably part of the Sixers' "Young core," is next up in our Early Predictions series. Lou enjoys long walks on the beach, romantic comedies and blocking Twitter followers who make fun of him.
Here's the thing about Lou, it's not a question of can he defend, it's a question of does he want to. I've seen him do it, of course, it was only for about 2 of the 64 games he played last season. I'd love to say Doug Collins is going to demand it, but with this roster, his hands will be somewhat tied. Here are my predictions for Lou's production :

  • Minutes: 1,900
  • Points/game: 12
  • Rebs/game: 2.3
  • Ast/game: 3.0
  • Steals/game: 1.1
  • Blocks/game: 0.1
  • TOV/game: 1.4
  • FG%: 45%
  • 3P%: 35.5%
About 25 minutes/game, I have him continuing his efficient offense (though I hope he isn't what I like to call lazy efficient. Last year, he shot the jumper much better, but stopped attacking the hoop in Eddie Jordan's offense. He needs to get back to driving the lane and making a living at the line).

I think Lou is going to see a decent amount of time at the point, which is a mistake, but there's not much depth at the position and I'm kind of hoping they spend the year getting Turner used to playing the two and playing off the ball, rather than backing Jrue up at the point.

I feel like we know what Lou is. A guy who can come off the bench and carry the offense for a stretch. Like I said above, I do believe there's at least an average defender in there, he's got all the tools except the size, but he can make up for that with quickness. I'm just not sure he's got the drive within him to put the work in on the defensive end. I think we would've seen it by now if he did and while I have confidence in Collins, the guy isn't a miracle worker.

Your thoughts in the comments, as usual.
by Brian on Aug 17 2010
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