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Early Predictions: Willie Green

Up next in the Early Predictions series: Number thirty-three on the Sixers, number one in your hearts...Willie J. Green!

I'm going to stick to basic stats for my predictions, check them out below. Leave your own thoughts and predictions in the comments.

  • Minutes: 390
  • Points/game: 3.0
  • Rebs/game: 0.8
  • Ast/game: 1.0
  • Steals/game: 0.2
  • Blocks/game: 0.1
  • TOV/game: 0.4
  • DNPCDs: 35
  • FG%: 43%
  • 3PT%: 33%
As we debated thoroughly in the comments section on Jodie Meeks' prediction thread, there might not be a whole lot of extra minutes to go around in the back court. I've got Willie down for less than 400, with most of them coming in garbage time. His percentages are pretty much in line with what he did last season, mainly because I think when he's in the game, it will be all but decided.

I have to believe this is the year that the smoke and mirrors wear off and Doug Collins will be the coach who finally puts an end to heavy minutes for Willie Green. Forget about the fact that he isn't a good player, it just doesn't make sense that a lame duck veteran would get minutes over younger guys who the team needs to make decisions on next summer. The minutes are better served going to Meeks, but I've been burned too many times to have more than 40% confidence Willie won't play major minutes.
by Brian on Aug 3 2010
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