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According to Phil Jasner's Sixerville, Elton Brand didn't hurt his hamstring in the loss to the Lakers, but a couple games earlier. It was hampering him, so the team decided to shut him down and let him rest up. Makes sense. Brand is planning to play on Wednesday.

In the same post, Jasner has a golden quote from Willie Green:

''I think they just unleashed the chains,'' Sixers guard Willie Green said. ''He's playing with confidence. Any time you can take any shot and you don't have to look back at thge bench or anything like that, the sky's the limit. He's playing All-Star basketball right now. He's carrying the team . . . They're giving him the basketball and saying 'Stop us if you can.''

Willie Green thinks it's a good idea to take any shot at any time? Who woulda thunk it?

Tomorrow is another off day for the Sixers. I've been neck-deep in this redesign (In Mo We Trust sort of launched last night.), but hopefully tomorrow I'll have time for some fun with stats.
by Brian on Dec 8 2008
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