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Eddie Jordan Confidence Meter (1/4 Season)

Our first confidence reading on Eddie Jordan as the Sixers head coach came back before the preseason schedule began. Most of the votes fell between six and eight on a one-to-ten scale. We've just finished the first quarter of the schedule, so it's time to take the fans' pulse again. After the jump, vote your feelings then discuss in the comments.

If this isn't your first time visiting Depressed Fan since the season began, you already know my feelings on this matter. But I don't want to poison the well. Here are the pertinent facts you should use to make your decision:

  • 5-16 record
  • 10-game active losing streak
  • 0 wins against teams with a winning record
  • Team defensive efficiency rating: 112.51 (107.8 last season)
  • Team offensive efficiency rating: 106.74 (107.9 last season)
  • Team three-point percentage: 35.9% (31.8% last season)
  • Missing Marreese Speights for 11 of 21 games with knee injury
  • Missing Lou Williams for 7 of 21 games with broken jaw
  • Curious quotes about several players on the team.

I think that's a pretty objective synopsis of his work over the first 21 games, vote in the poll and state your case in the comments.