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Eddie Jordan Confidence Meter

With training camp in the books, it's time to take the pulse. Eddie Jordan was brought in to move this franchise forward. He brings the Princeton offense along with him as a the magical solution to their offensive woes, but has his arrival raised more questions than it has answered? After the jump, let's hear how much confidence you have in Coach Jordan.

I have a short list of pros and cons to consider, but mainly, I want to see how you guys vote in the poll below. Please leave any and all thoughts in the comments, we'll check back in at various times throughout the season to see how Eddie is doing in the fans' eyes.

  • Ran a tight ship in camp
  • Hands-on approach prior to camp, working with players over the summer.
  • Has preached defense first from the get-go.
  • Clear vision for the offense
  • Willie Green (we've talked enough about this for now)
  • Unclear as to his intentions with Brand, he made a comment about not using him in pick-and-roll situations
  • Not 100% sold that he's really going to value defense over offense

Admittedly, not a lot to go on, but what did you expect at this point? Vote, explain, discuss and enjoy below.

by Brian on Oct 5 2009
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