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Eddie Jordan It Is

Dei Lynam is reporting the Sixers have decided on Eddie Jordan to become their new head coach. A source confirmed to me they do have an agreement in principle. I have to say, I'm a little disappointed. I was hoping for a strong defensive guy to be brought in to mold this team into an elite defensive squad. I suppose the door is still open for a top-notch defensive mind to take on the role of lead assistant.

Jordan will bring his version of the Princeton offense to the Sixers. Here's a quick video showing some of the basic principles, as described by Eddie Jordan.

Now that the first big question of the Summer has been answered, I'm left wondering what will happen with the roster. The Princeton offense is predicated upon movement off the ball, two and three-man games and back cuts. It works best when you have five men on the floor with high basketball IQs and varied skills. Iguodala, Thad and Brand could all thrive in it, possibly Speights and Jason Smith as well. It's not an offense that requires a prototypical point guard, necessarily. I envision the offense running through Iguodala a great deal, but I don't think the offensive improvement is going to be dramatic unless the team can significantly improve its outside shooting.

I'm extremely concerned about how Samuel Dalembert, Willie Green and even Lou Williams will fit into this offense. I'm going to beat this dead horse one more time. If you want this team to be able to effectively run this offense, you need a guard with a high basketball IQ who can absolutely shoot the lights out. As far as I'm concerned, this move makes it imperative the Sixers find a way to move up and get Stephen Curry.

I'll admit it. I had my heart set on a hard-nosed, defensive guy to come in and whip this team into shape. It's going to take me some time to get my mind around an offensive guy in charge. Ultimately, though, Jordan is an improvement over DiLeo. At least this team will now have an identity on the offensive side of the ball, and plays/sets to run. I'm glad this decision was made before the draft. I'm hoping an offensive focus will lead to a couple of shrewd moves to fill the immense need for a shooter.

One final word of caution, the Sixers need high BBIQ guys to run this offense. Does that make it more likely they bring Andre Miller back? Would Andre Miller be a good fit in this offense? I'm hoping the answer to that first question is no, I'm torn on the second. No one sees the floor better than Miller. No one threads the needle on backdoor passes better than Miller. But is he an effective pick-and-roll guy? I don't think so.

Have at it in the comments guys.
by Brian on May 29 2009
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