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Eddie Jordan Press Conference

After the jump a few highlights from the press conference introducing Eddie Jordan as the new Sixers head coach.

  • Ed Stefanski said Jordan won the job during his second interview, which was a four-hour session focused on x's and o's.
  • The first question to Jordon was how the P.O. would work with no shooters. Jordan said he started with Mitch Richmond when he couldn't shoot, he turned into a great shooter. He started with Richard Jefferson when he couldn't shoot, he turned into a great shooter. Both fair points.
  • Stefanski isn't worried about any health issues with Elton Brand. He's working out now.
  • Stefanski won't know about Andre Miller until after July 1st. He'd like to see Miller back, but really has no idea. They won't commit to taking a point (obviously).
  • Good question to Eddie Jordan, "Could this team be better if Andre Miller doesn't come back?" His answer was basically, they need to replace him somehow, he said flat out you can't replace him with a rookie. Maybe through free agency.
  • Jordan talked about the need for a point guard. This offense helps teams who don't have a traditional point guard. Two guards, two forwards and a center.
  • Sign and trade is always a possibility with Andre Miller. They do have the MLE if they don't bring back Miller. (The words "luxury tax" haven't been uttered yet)
  • Jordan said the P.O. is harder to coach than it is to learn. For the players it's all about reacting. "If you're a basketball player, with a basketball IQ, it's easy to learn."
  • Q: Do you want Sam Dalembert back? How can you get him to play the way you want him to play? Jordan: "Everyone has to buy in...I have to make him better..If he's in the locker room we'll do our best to get the best out of him...If it doesn't happen, then he can't play within the core group. He may just be a spot player."
  • Do you have guys who can become good three pointers? "I believe Willie Green can step out. I believe Andre Iguodala can step out. I've heard good things about Jason Smith. I believe Marreese Speights can step out. I have to make this roster a better shooting roster. I'm not going to go complain to Ed and say we need more three point shooters."
  •  The WIP cut the press conference off at this point.
Jordan sounds pretty confident that he can make a big difference. It worries me that he's apparently high on Willie Green.

I can honestly say right now that I have no idea where the team stands on Andre Miller, nor what will happen in that situation. Jordan seemed confident the team could get better even without him, he talked about Iguodala playing a bigger role in Miller's absence.

Notable questions that were never asked:

  • Will Iguodala play the two or the three? The answer probably would've been both.
  • Lou Williams' name was never mentioned. Not sure if that's meaningful.
  • Will the team go over the luxury tax to get the needed piece(s)? I know the answer, but I like to hear that question asked at every opportunity.
  • Any talk of trading up in the draft?
by Brian on Jun 1 2009
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