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Elston Turner Is In the Running

According to Bob Cooney, Houston assistant Elston Turner will be the next to interview with the Sixers for their vacant coaching job. Thoughts and a poll after the jump.

Turner has been Rick Adelman's #1 assistant in Houston for the past three seasons and he also worked under Adelman in Sacramento. He coaches Houston's summer league team as well. He was a hot name during last season's coaching search. I know Adelman is well respected around the league, Turner seems like a solid guy. I'm sure the Sixers could do much worse, but to me the read-and-react offense sounds way too similar to the Princeton to me. Plus it requires reading and reacting, two things that don't seem to be strong points for the majority of this roster.

I'd need to know how he was going to adapt his system to fit this roster before I could get on board with this hire.

Also, this morning Kate Fagan reported that the Sixers have been in constant contact with Doug Collins since interviewing him for the position earlier in the process. To me, this sounds an awful lot like last year's search. Eddie Jordan was the favorite coming in, they interviewed a bunch of guys for appearance sake, then hired the guy they wanted from the jump anyway. I truly hope that isn't the case this year, not because I think Collins is a bad choice, but because that's just a stupid way to conduct a search. If Collins is the guy, and you aren't open to changing your mind, just call the search off and stop wasting everyone's time for appearance sake.

Vote in the poll, thoughts in the comments.
by Brian on May 13 2010
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