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Things got a little more interesting tonight for Elton Brand when the Golden State Warriors reportedly offered him a max contract for 5 years. Somewhere in the $85M-$90M range.

This brings up an excellent question, and I think the ultimate decision will show Brand's true colors.

Look at it this way. If Elton cares most about making the playoffs and playing for a franchise who should compete, and get deep into the playoffs for the remainder of his career, the clear choice is the Sixers.

If Elton cares most about money, well Golden State just put more money than anyone else can on the table.

If Elton cares most about making movies, then L.A. is where he needs to be and he'll toil in mediocrity for the rest of his career, but continue his love affair with Tinsel Town.

Over simplification? I don't think so. When he opted out he lathered on the lip service about wanting to play for a winner, etc. Well, assuming the Sixers extend an offer to him (or even have a chance to), he'll be able to show exactly where his priorities lie when he makes his decision.
by Brian on Jul 3 2008
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