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Ending A Losing Streak

I'm hesitant to do this, considering the past two times it's resulted in Sixers wins, but I'm calling tonight's tail end of a back-to-back in Detroit a loss. Brief preview and game thread after the jump.

I'll give you the simple reasons why I think the Sixers are going to lose this game, and Detroit is going to end their 11-game skid.

  • Detroit is well-rested and properly motivated.
  • Here's a look at the heavy minutes key Sixers played last night:
    • Iguodala - 47
    • Thad - 46
    • Dalembert - 38
    • Iverson - 34 (he didn't make the trip)
    • Lou - 33
  • Both teams will settle for jumpers, Detroit has better shooters
  • Elton Brand is questionable with a stomach virus, though he did make the trip. If he does play, I doubt he'll see heavy minutes, even if he's at full strength
  • Iverson's absence is going to mean more minutes for Willie, not Jrue.
  • Eddie Jordan is still the head coach.

Key to The Game: How much do the Sixers have left in the tank after the heavy minutes played last night?
If __________ the Eagles will win: The Eagles get in Romo's face early and don't lay back. Blitz the punk.

This is your game thread. Just like mostly all of you guys, I'll be watching the Eagles. I figure I'll start the Sixers game on DVR around midnight. Go Birds!
by Brian on Jan 9 2010
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