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Endless Possibilities

As a child growing up Christmas morning was a magical time. Gifts wrapped and waiting under the tree, anything at all could've been inside. It truly was a morning of endless possibilities. After the jump, we'll apply that same logic to this Sixers franchise.

It's a simple question. Right now, the Sixers are very, very bad team. They're 14 games under .500, the coach is using the press to rip his players and the players are sending their holiday cheer right back. So, my present to you is complete control of the franchise for a couple of days. You'll have the reigns just long enough to set the priorities and get the franchise moving in the right direction.

There are three ways you can go.

  1. Blow it up - Shed every possible contract you can, any way you can. Stockpile draft picks, clear cap space, fire everyone from the GM to the coach and start building from scratch.
  2. Fix it - You think there are viable pieces here, maybe you think this roster is still capable of making a run to the playoffs. You don't want to throw out the baby with the bathwater so you use your time in charge to make a few key moves and maybe have a say in who plays what minutes, etc.
  3. Give it time - New coach, new system, injuries. Your chosen path is to stay the course and see if things won't turn around on their own

We've had some excellent, spirited debate in the comments over the past couple days about this very subject, so let's keep it going. Vote in the poll, leave your thoughts in the comments. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everyone!

by Brian on Dec 25 2009
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