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Enjoy the Blake Show

The NBA has chosen All Star weekend to cement Blake Griffin's status as a super-duper star. Last night's Rookie/Sophomore Challenge was merely the appetizer. Tonight, the hype machine will spool up again for the Slam Dunk contest. The shooting stars competition, the three-point shootout, the skills challenge are merely preamble to the great Blake taking center stage. Unfortunately, I'm probably going to miss most of the action. Use this open thread throughout the day and the night's festivities if you're watching.

Other possible topics for discussion:

  • Knicks vs. Nets for Melo: Will the winner actually be the loser?
  • The negotiations between the Players Association and the league, or the lack thereof
  • Jrue's play in limited minutes last night
  • If Iguodala had been given the slam dunk title he rightfully won a couple years back, would his national profile be much higher right now?
  • and anything else that comes to mind.

by Brian on Feb 19 2011
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