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Evan Turner Conference Call

The Sixers were kind enough to set up a conference call for a group of bloggers and Evan Turner. A handful of us peppered Evan with questions for about a half hour. Check after the jump for my notes.
I didn't get everyone's name during the call, but Ricky from Sixers4Guidos and Derek Bodner from Liberty Ballers were in attendance, as were representatives for Philadunkia and The 700 Level.

I asked a couple of questions, first about how comfortable he feels working off the ball and what kind of drills he's using to improve upon that area of his game.

Turner said he felt uncomfortable early on, since it had been so long since he played without the ball in his hands, but he's feeling better now. Mostly working on coming off screens, setting up his man and moving without the ball.

Later, I asked him about his workout schedule this summer. In a nutshell, he starts at 8am with agility and speed drills, then shoots for a couple of hours, then hits the weights, finishing up around 12:30. Then he shoots for another hour or so at night, also working on ballhandling, etc.

Some other notable questions/answers (sorry, I don't know who asked the questions, need work on my note-taking)

  • Asked if he could beat Michael Jordan one-on-one right now, "I sure hope I could. He's not exactly in game shape."
  • Comparing Collins to Thad Matta, "Matta gave us a lot more freedom to create, Collins is more of a perfectionist." (paraphrasing a bit there)
  • Asked about how much work he did prior to the draft, said basically he had to protect himself. Also said he was heavy and out of shape in the summer league. Disappointed by his play.
  • Told us opening night vs. the Heat is on his birthday, so good way to kick off his pro career.
  • Talked about signing with Li-Ning, "Opportunity to have his own sneaker and build his own brand." Planning a trip to China to learn some more about the company.
  • When asked about which parts of his game are NBA ready, and which need some work, said mid-range, rebounding, BB IQ were strengths. Working on his long-range shooting, moving off the ball and defense.
  • Was impressed by Jrue in the summer league and really looking forward to playing with him.

Overall, he seems like a good guy with a solid head on his shoulders, even if he doesn't read NBA blogs. Thanks to Michael Preston for setting this up.
by Brian on Aug 26 2010
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