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Everybody Beats The Wiz

wizcelts.jpgHere is my ultimate key for tonight's Wizards/Sixers game at the Wach. Whichever team attempts the fewest three pointers will win the game. Write it down. Take it to the bank.

Why is this stat such a key? Well, because the Wizards (31.7%) are almost as God-awful from downtown as we are (31.4%). The only problem if you're a Wizards fan, is that their so stubborn they jack up almost 50% more of the doomed long balls.

It may not be fair to judge their perimeter shooting as a team, though. You see, DeShawn Stevenson is responsible for 93 of their 341 attempts (27.2%) and is only shooting at a 28% clip. If you take Stevenson out of the equation, the rest of the team is shooting 82/248, or a hair over 33%, which is still below league-average, but well above the Sixers horrible percentage. Check out this post from Bullets Forever for more on how DeShawn is shooting this team right in the foot.

The Wizards have one of my favorite players in the league, and a guy I really feel sorry for this season, Caron Butler. This past offseason they re-upped both Antawn Jamison and Gilbert Arenas. They're probably happy about one of those decisions right now, I'll leave it up to you to decide which one.

Expect to see small lineups from Mo, the Wiz don't have a great deal of size and we know that Mo loves to adjust his own rotations rather than making the other team adjust to the best five he can put on the floor. That's neither here nor there, though. I'll be watching three match-ups very closely.

  1. EB vs. Jamison - Strength vs. quickness, if the Sixers stay big. Otherwise, Thad will get another chance to match-up with Jamison. He held him to a couple of really poor games last season.
  2. Iggy vs. Caron - Very similar players, should be fun to see them go at it.
  3. Milller vs. Juan Dixon - As a defender, Juan Dixon is a good shooter. Miller has a clear advantage here if he can get Dixon down on the blocks. Let's see if Mo recognizes it and takes advantage.
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