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Everything Is Under Control!

Exposés, horrid basketball, soaring franchise valuations and infinite pitchers of Shirley Temples. What's not to love about the state of our (once) beloved Philadelphia 76ers?

When it comes to the Sixers, the only thing that shocks is me is media's continued interest in basically anything they do. For the third year, they have gone out of their way to put the worst product on the floor possible. Their "savior" is not only Mr. Glass, but he's also lazy, insubordinate and stupid. What a killer combo.

I will admit that my disgust with Josh Harris and Sam Hinkie has waned, at this point I really don't care anymore. I just hope when that vulture finally sells the team he sells to someone who gives a damn about winning basketball games, and Sam Hinkie is forced to engineer the turnaround of a manure company after being laughed out of the NBA.

Okafor...meh. Stauskus...double-meh. Is there really anyone else...oh yeah. Noel, what a difference-maker. Anyway, if you're still reading the comments here, have at it. Here's to 20 wins and another blown #3 pick! Here's to Sam Bradford checking down to his 4th receiver 40 times tomorrow night!
by Brian on Oct 18 2015
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