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We were robbed, as fans, when Tyreke Evans missed the Sixers/Kings game on the wrong coast last month. Tonight, the basketball gods will make it up to us.

This is probably the individual matchup I'm most looking forward to this season. I'm not sure why, I mean, Tyreke Evans is a very, very good player, but he's not the best. He's only a rookie. Still, there's something about the Iguodala vs. Evans matchup that intrigues me and even excites me.

Evans is averaging 20.5 ppg on solid shooting (45% overall), but his offensive game is really about one thing, getting to the rim. An amazing 50% of his field goal attempts come at the rim (8.3/16.6 per game). The only other point in the league able to boast that ratio is Rajon Rondo, but unlike Evans, Rondo isn't the focal point of his team's offense and every opponent's defense.

Evans and Iguodala are cut from the same cloth. Both great all-around performers. Both limited by their jump shots. Both strong as a bull and tenacious as a wolverine (Wolverine? Eh, I'll run with it). They're pretty much the same size, perhaps Tyreke is a bit thicker. Their numbers are eerily similar.

I'm pretty sure Iguodala will get the nod to man up on Tyreke, possibly Jrue will take a turn as well. No one else on the Sixers has a prayer of containing him. I'm hoping Westphal will give us the pleasure of seeing Evans guarding Iguodala on the other end, though I'm not sure he'll have that luxury.

If you didn't know by now, Evans and Iguodala embody my favorite type of NBA player and I'm counting down the minutes until I can see them go at each other.

Full preview coming after 5pm, just wanted to give you guys something to brighten up your Friday afternoon. Forget Eddie Jordan tonight, forget Ed Stefanski, forget wins and losses. Just sit back and enjoy 'Reke vs. AI9.
by Brian on Jan 15 2010
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