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Excitement At the Wach?

The powers that be in the Sixers organization can finally count themselves lucky. It looks like LeBron James will be playing tonight, which will probably mean the final decent crowd packed into the Wachovia Center of the season. Yes, that is how far this once proud franchise has fallen. A visiting superstar's health is the only thing that could salvage a decent gate. Preview and game thread after the jump.

Marreese Speights is out again with that knee injury. Here are your reasons to watch:

  • Jrue vs. Mo Williams - If you remember the last time these teams met, Jrue completely shut down Mo Williams in every way imaginable. It was a Sixers loss, obviously, but it was great to see the defensive clinic Jrue put on. Jrue's defense has slipped recently, which I guess is to be expected when the team plays this sloppy brand of basketball, but I expect Williams to remember and we may see a nice showdown.
  • LeBron James - If you don't get a chance to watch LBJ play much, forget about his scoring. He's dominant, that's clear. He's efficient, that's also clear. The thing I like most about LBJ's game, though, is his passing. He may just be the best passer in the game. He sees angles no one else (outside of maybe Nash and Chris Paul) sees, and he makes devastating cross-court passes that decimate poor fundamental defenses that don't rotate and/or over-help. He should have plenty of opportunities to make those passes tonight.
  • Jodie Watch - Big Ed has spoken. Slow Eddie has listened, sort of, and we've seen about 7 minutes of action for Jodie Meeks spread over garbage time in the past two contests. I'm hoping we'll get to see a little more of him tonight. I'm also hoping that the whole team doesn't focus on getting Meeks jumpers, like they have been in the past two when he's been on the floor.

This is your game thread, I'll be here throughout so join me if you kind of wish the other team was your team.
by Brian on Mar 12 2010
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