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Facing A Tanker's Delight

It must really irk the tanking-inclined among us to see how the Sixers were prime facilitators in the building of a nearly perfect bottom-dweller in Orlando. Tonight, we'll see who wants it less in one of the few easy wins left on the Sixers schedule this year.

Orlando has dropped 17 of 18 games, despite having the biggest gamer ever as their starting point guard (to be fair, Jameer has begged out of 5 of those games, and he'll be out tonight). Without Jameer, the Magic don't even have a guy masquerading as a point guard in their starting lineup. I assume E'Twaun Moore is the guy, nominally, but who knows. They do have Beno Udrih coming off the bench.

The one thing the Magic do have is wing defenders. Moe Harkless and Afflalo are both the type to give Turner problems (read, average athleticism, no height disadvantage). Vucevic continues to have a solid season, but he isn't going to beat you. Orlando is equally bad on both sides of the ball. After trading away Redick, they don't have a single threat from three left on their roster. They don't have anyone who can beat you one-on-one, they have a coach whose philosophy is to eschew three point shots, dribble once and take a long two instead. You're so much closer! It's a sad, sad state of affairs in Orlando, but at least they'll have a couple lottery picks in this pitiful draft. Yay!

This should be an easy win for the Sixers. As light on talent as they are, they aren't completely devoid of the quality like Orlando is. This is the type of game where a loss might literally make my head explode.

The tip is at 7pm. Use this as your game thread. I'll be catching it later on DVR.
by Brian on Feb 26 2013
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