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Feast On The Pistons

The Sixers have a perfect opportunity to work out the kinks and shed their black cloud of losing tonight in Detroit against everyone's hero from All-Star weekend, Greg Monroe and the 11-24 Pistons.

Word came down yesterday the Sixers will be without Spencer Hawes until at least March 14th, so if you were waiting for the big man to come back and save the offense, it's not going to happen for a while. The rest of the Sixers are going to have to figure things out on their own. Doug Collins had an extra long weekend to watch tape and ruminate over the team's flailing offense, he even got a practice in with his squad. If there's a fix possible with the current roster, hopefully he was able to find it.

Detroit hasn't been as bad as their record recently, they beat the Celtics twice and won 7 of their last 11, but they're still a bad team. One thing the Sixers have done this season is take care of bad teams, even in the midst of their terrible stretch of games leading into the break they were able to handle the Cavs and Bobcats on the road with relative ease. Go out there tonight, suffocate them on the defensive end and try to figure some things out when it's your turn to put the ball in the basket. A winning streak starts with one win, after all.

Prepare yourselves for a big game from Greg Monroe, it seems unavoidable at this point, but he won't beat you alone.

The tip is at 7:30pm. Game thread will land around 5:30.

One final thought on All-Star weekend, and it's really something that's been bugging me. For the life of me, I can't figure out why the NBA thought it was a good idea to have Chris Brown perform in the half-time show. It simply doesn't compute that a society which makes pariahs of celebrities like Mel Gibson and Michael Richards for insensitive, and downright hateful speech (and rightly so) would, on the other hand, celebrate a guy who beat his girlfriend. Maybe celebrate is too strong of a word, but it's at least a tacit endorsement of someone who plead guilty to just a shameful crime. I don't begrudge the guy's right to make a living after he's paid his debt to society, even if that debt was a plea-bargained joke, but that doesn't mean the NBA has to choose him to perform in their "family-friendly" showcase. Just a bad, bad move by the NBA in my opinion.

Anyway, I hope you guys were able to forget about the final five games of the nominal first half of the season. We're back to actual games tonight, and the Sixers still have plenty of time to start a hot streak and carry it right into the playoffs.
by Brian on Feb 28 2012
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