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Feelings On Elton Brand

Ed Stefanski's masterstroke, Elton Brand, is fodder for the fourth installment in the Feelings On series. Discuss after the jump.

My feelings on Brand are pretty simple. I feel confident he is and will continue to be a pretty efficient scorer in the half court. His old man moves get the job done and a worthwhile coach will be able to squeeze a decent amount of scoring out of him.

I'm praying he figures out to rebound again, but I'm not very hopeful. The thing that troubles me most about Brand is I can't figure out exactly why his rebounding was so pitiful this past season. On one hand, it could've been due to a deterioration of physical skills. On the other hand, he could've just checked out early on and decided not to give the extra effort. I'm not sure which is more damning. The same two possibilities exist for his putrid defense on the pick-and-roll.

Some of the blame for both weaknesses can probably fall on Eddie Jordan. Brand played a ton of minutes out of position at the five. He was also one of the many players constantly rotating either to make up for shoddy perimeter defense by Lou, Willie and Iverson or just because that's the type of defense Jordan and his guru Ayers devised. The combination of those two factors certainly didn't help, but that doesn't explain the whole problem away.

Going forward, I'm praying a new coach can light a fire under Brand and at least make him an average rebounder. If what we saw this season is all we're going to see, the Sixers are either going to have bite the bullet and drop Brand way down in the rotation, or they're going to sink with him. I really don't want to have to choose between two weak rebounding options at the four for the next two-plus years, and make no mistake, Brand will be here for at least two more seasons if he keeps playing like this.

Your thoughts in the comments, as usual. Enjoy your Saturday.
by Brian on Apr 24 2010
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