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Finally, Some Good News

Tom Moore reported last night an NBA source has confirmed the Sixers are fielding offers for Andre Iguodala, several teams are interested, but no one has met the asking price yet. From previous reports we could've probably gleaned this much, but the new info is that the Sixers won't settle for expiring contracts alone in return for their best player.

I'm taking this as good news, but you could definitely spin it another way. Does the fact that Stefanski isn't using Iguodala to clear cap space indicate that he's still in a "win now" mode and looking for a short-term upgrade? Maybe a guy who fits Eddie Jordan's system better? That would be far, far too depressing. I'm going with my version. He isn't really that interested in trading Iguodala, but if his doors are blown off by an offer, he'll have a hard time saying no.

This got me thinking, what kind of deal would qualify? If I was Stefanski, what kind of deal would make the Sixers better in the long run, while losing their best player at age 26?

Here's one I'd think about:

  • Sixers give: Iguodala and Lou Williams.
  • Clippers give: Eric Gordon, Marcus Camby (expiring), Ricky Davis (expiring), Mardy Collins (expiring), and a top-three protected first round pick this summer.

The Sixers get a two guard who can actually shoot, although his all-around game doesn't come close to approaching Iguodala's. They get what will probably be a top-ten pick in this summer's draft, and they clear two long contracts off the books immediately. The Clippers could field a starting lineup of Baron Davis, Lou Williams, Andre Iguodala, Blake Griffin and Chris Kaman next season, or bring Lou off the bench.

I probably wouldn't do it, but this is the type of return I'd be looking for. Cap relief to create flexibility, a young player with a ton of potential and a high first-round pick.

The only other way I'd even conceive of trading Iguodala would be in a huge deal that would also include Brand, but again I don't pull the trigger unless there's a guy with huge potential on his rookie contract coming back, along with cap relief and pick(s). And when I say pick(s) I don't mean late first round picks, those are worthless, I mean at least one lottery pick.

Obviously, when we're talking about getting value back for Iguodala, Amare is the first name that comes to mind. Although, I'm not sure he'd be long for Philadelphia. I've become convinced that he's not going to opt out this summer, so he'd be a two-year rental unless the Sixers would be willing to commit serious money to him.

A three-team deal with Sacramento and Phoenix could work to land Amare in Philly, and also set the Sixers up for a big splash in 2011 free agency.

  • Sixers send Iguodala to Phoenix, Lou Williams and Sam Dalembert to Sacto.
  • Phoenix sends Amare, Jason Richardson and a future #1 pick to the Sixers.
  • Sacramento sends Kenny Thomas and Andres Nocioni to Phoenix and a future #1 pick to the Sixers.
I don't think I'd pull the trigger on this one either, mainly because by adding Amare and Richardson you really aren't getting a long-term piece, nor are you getting out from under Brand's contract. So while you'll have a decent amount of cap space for summer 2011, and four first round picks to augment your roster, EB will still be eating up a ton of cap space and odds are none of your picks are going to be at the top of the draft. You could rework the above deal to land the Sixers Kevin Martin, who could be a good fit, especially playing next to Jrue, but he can't seem to stay on the floor and he's got a long contract as well.

Anyway, this type of trade speculation feels much more productive to me than trying to figure out which team is going to completely rape the Sixers and pay ten cents on the dollar to get our best player with the Sixers receiving nothing but cap relief in return.

Have at it in the comments. Assume dollars aren't the reason for trading Iguodala, what kind of return would you like to see? Assume he's going to be traded, whether you want it to happen or not, for the purposes of this exercise and come up with the best deal you can (that has at least a remote possibility of happening).
by Brian on Feb 3 2010
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