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The Sixers will take the floor in Milwaukee tonight without Elton Brand, Andre Iguodala and Thaddeus Young for a game that I honestly don't want them to win. The result is only meaningful if they somehow pass the Knicks over these final two games, but that doesn't mean they should turn this into a Summer League game. There's work to be done.

Again, please lose the game. I don't want to watch another first-round series against Miami.

That being said, there are a couple of things I do want to see tonight. First, give Jodie Meeks 20 three pointers. Run your entire offense with the sole purpose of getting Meeks as many open looks as possible. It's seem obvious Doug Collins will start Meeks, and play him somewhere around 25 minutes, when the playoffs start. Give him every opportunity to shoot himself out of this horrible shooting slump, because if he's going to be in there when the games count again, he has to hit his shots.

Second, loosen the reins a little bit on Jrue and Turner. Give those guys a little more rope on the offensive end, let them spread their wings and build up a little bit of confidence, and most importantly, let them play a decent chunk of time on the floor together. You may see some benefits if they can get each other's rhythm down in these two games. The main purpose of this is to get Collins to feel comfortable with JTI for long stretches in the playoffs.

Finally, give Lavoy more burn and give Voose the ball in the post. Lavoy is probably a borderline NBA big man, but his strengths lie in this team's area of great need. He's strong, he's physical and he fights under the boards. Spencer Hawes is useless. If it were up to me, Lavoy would be starting at the five when the playoffs come around, and I believe there's at least an outside chance Collins is on the same page. Voose should get solid minutes in these two games. I'd like to see him operating closer to the hoop instead of 20 feet away chucking up jumpers. He's got the best post game of the three centers. If they can go to that for a hoop every once in a while, it would be a nice way to deal with scoring droughts in the playoffs. The added benefit is that if you get Vucevic and Lavoy going, Hawes' minutes can be trimmed even further, as they should be.

So if you needed something to watch for, there you have it. The tip is at 8pm. Game thread will land around 6. Are we all in agreement that we want the Sixers to finish 8th?
by Brian on Apr 25 2012
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