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First Round Matchups: The Shooting Guards

Part two of my matchup breakdown series will feature the shooting guards. Your starters, Willie Green and Courtney Lee.

Well, when you're comparing anyone to a guy who I've nicknamed "Garbage Time," there probably isn't a whole lot of suspense in which team I think is the winner in the matchup, but let's go through the motions anyway.

The Stats

My Take

Let's just say that Courtney Lee is just about everything we wish Willie Green was for this team. Solid defender, very good three-point shooter. He'd be a perfect fit for the Sixers at the two guard. Personally, I think he's redundant on the Magic. They'd probably be better off having a guy like Lou Williams at the two, someone able to break down the other team off the dribble, but that's neither here nor there. Lee wins this battle hands down in my book.

When these teams met in late February, the Sixers decided that they'd force Lee to beat them from deep. The strategy worked for the better part of the game, then backfired down the stretch. It's not really shocking that a game plan to leave a 40% shooter from downtown wide open would fail, but such is life. Ironically, whether they plan for it or not, if Willie is guarding Lee, he will get open looks when Willie inevitably gets lost on D.

On the other end, Willie probably has a quickness advantage, so he may be able to beat Lee off down screens for catch-and-shoot opportunities, but overall, Lee will dominate Willie.

If you're looking at backups at the two, you've got Lou Williams vs. JJ Redick and Mickael Piertrus. Redick is best known as another Duke washout in the NBA, although he's seen more minutes this season. Pietrus is best known as a huge waste of the MLE for Orlando. Both guys hover around average from three-point land, Pietrus is the better defender, Redick is the better shooter. If Lou plays well, he could provide a nice boost in this matchup of backups. If Lou plays poorly, average play from the Orlando duo will burry his production.

Advantage Magic: If we were comparing Lou and Lee, it might be a little closer, if Lou was really on his game. As it stands, the only way Willie Green would ever be considered an advantage is if he was matched up against DeShawn Stevenson. Unfortunately, he isn't.

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