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First Round Prediction

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It's time to put my predictions on the record. Check them out after the jump, and leave your own as well.

General predictions, as bullets, first. Then game-by-game predictions below.

  • Iguodala averages 15-20 points for the series
  • Miller averages 20+ and drops 30 in one game
  • Thad averages 25+ and drops 30 twice.
  • Dalembert fouls out of 2 games. (this isn't necessarily a bad thing, it means he was in the game long enough to collect 6 fouls)
  • Howard has two 20/20 games, Orlando loses one of them
  • Lou Williams has a huge positive effect on the series, carrying the scoring load for stretches with the second unit.
  • One game will be won because of a stretch of Reggie Evans' insane defense.
  • One game will be lost because Reggie Evans plays too many minutes
  • At some point, Tony DiLeo will dust off Donyell Marshall and send him into the game to change the momentum. He will do just that
  • Rashard Lewis hits 10 threes in one game.

Game-by-game predictions:

  • Game 1 - Philadelphia 101, Orlando 95.
  • Game 2 - Orlando 110, Philadelphia 87.
  • Game 3 - Philadelphia 110, Orlando 100
  • Game 4 - Philadelphia 96, Orlando 94
  • Game 5 - Orlando 115, Philadelphia 99
  • Game 6 - Philadelphia 110, Orlando 95
Sixers in six. That's my prediction and I'm sticking to it. The Sixers faced almost an identical situation last season, no one gave them a shot, and they very nearly shocked the world. This year, they have more experience, more weapons and they're playing a worse team with limited playoff experience. I think they learn from last year's experience and they take the series. Of course, I'm banking on the Sixers team from a couple of weeks ago showing up, rather than the team who lost 6 straight, but that's a gamble I'm willing to take. I think the leaders have this team have too much pride to settle for anything less than max effort from any Sixer who takes the floor in the series.

Vote in the poll and leave your predictions in the comments. Check out all the playoff coverage here.