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Five Deep

The Sixers have problems which need to be worked out, on both sides of the ball, not the least of which is how to get any kind of consistent production from their bench. A look at a few splits from the first four games after the jump.

I picked a few stats based on perceived trends from the first four game. A few things seem meaningful, but we don't have enough data to draw any concrete solutions. This of these numbers as a good way to look at what's happened up to this point, not as a definitive indicator of what is/is not working.

A few really interesting things to my eye:

  • Speights + either Brand or Dalembert in the front court has been very effective.
  • Iguodala has played the two almost exclusively.
  • The starters have actually been a net plus through the first four games, everyone else...not so much.
  • One thing not shown here, the starters have been at worst even in their initial runs in all 4 games. They were tied vs. Boston (after 11:57 in the first quarter), they were tied @ Orlando (19-19), and they held leads in the other two games.
I've also uploaded the rotations chart, and I'll continue to update it as the season progresses, just in case you want to do your own analysis. You can find the link the black column on the home page, or just click here.

By the way, the "Speights With" chart above depicts how Speights fared with each player as the second big on the floor with him. So Sammy at the five and Speights at the four, Speights at the five, Brand at the four and so on. Sorry for any confusion.
by Brian on Nov 5 2009
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