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Forget It

What we saw on the floor tonight from the Sixers in no way resembled the basketball we've seen from them this season. If you want to dwell on it as some sort of indicator, that's your prerogative. For me, and more importantly for the team, it's just a blip. It's over, delete it from your memory banks and get ready for the Jazz on Monday night.


g664f031211.gif Thoughts

  • What really needs to be said? They didn't defend, they didn't execute on the offensive end, their turnover number was embarrassing. The only question is whether this was their worst loss of the season or if the Chicago Massacre still holds that honor.
  • Please don't talk about excuses for this game in the comments. It's over. One loss, that's all it means

Player of The Game: I'll go with Jodie. I think he was only -1 on the game, which is an accomplishment. His late three also kept this from being a 30-point loss
Team Record: 34-32
Up Next: UTA, on Monday

by Brian on Mar 12 2011
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